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Please key in your information.Rebate #1427 8/27/17 9/2/17*Menards Merchandise Credit Check valid towards future purchases at any Menards retail store and not valid for purchases on MENARDS.COMMail
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Hi it's Kelly from the thrifty coupontop and in our rebate series we thoughtwe would take time today to explain toyou how to participate in the Menardsrebate program Menards has the mail-inrebate system and instead of gettingcash back in the mail you actually get acertificate that you can use next timeyou shop at Menards is just like cash sowhen you checkout at Menards and you buysomething that has a rebate attachedyou'll get your normal receipt and thenat the bottom of the receipt you'll seerebate receipts printed and I'll tellyou what number you need to look for forthe rebate form in order to submit youryour refund so here at let's receiptwe've got two different rebates so goover to the customer service area atMenards and they have a whole bunch ofdifferent pads of rebates and they'reall numbered you're going to want tolook for the numbers that correspond tothe rebate receipts that you have sothis is sixty four ninety five forexample and this is my receipt 64 95 soyou want to take the amount of formsthat you have to match your receipt wedid a lot of shopping that day so I'vegot quite a few rebates to fill out sowhat I do is I bring them all home withour different rebate forms and justsimply tear off these feet that goeswith the form and on the back I'm youhave to fill in your name and address goahead and fill in that information andthen you just simply put the rebate formwith the receipt into the envelope andit tells you what address to put it ongo ahead and stick a stamp on that mailit and then you're done with yourreceipt one really cool thing aboutMenards rebates is that they allow youeven if you're sending in rebates fordifferent products if they're all goingto the same Piell box which is what's onyour rebate form if they're all mailingto the same PA box even if they'redifferent products you can put all thestuff in one envelope so it helps savemoney on stamps too which is what I liketo do so all of these are going to thesame feel box I'm going to put them- one I'd go up and get them in the mailand I'm probably in about four to sixweeks you'll get something back in themail that looks like this and this isMenards rebate reward you can't take itto the bank and deposit it or cash itit's only good to use them in ours butit's just like cash so you can go nexttime you're shopping you can use this onMemphis for a large amount and you don'tuse it all up they let you carry thebalance over and I think it's good forat least a year so you have plenty oftime to use it and Menards is a greatway to get freebies using the rebateprogram thanks so much for tuning in andcheck us back at WWE to be a couple calmfor more money-saving tips thank you byebye